Full Time: ActuarialKevin C.

A Former Intern Calculated the Risk to Become an Actuarial Associate


Meet Kevin. He found an interest in understanding the probability of outcomes and turned it into a Risk Management – Actuarial Science major in college. That gave him favorable odds when joining the Actuarial Success Awareness Program and then the Actuarial Intern Program.


Question: What's been your career path while at Prudential?

Answer: I started my career at Prudential in the Actuarial Success Awareness Program (ASAP) in the Summer of 2016. After ASAP, I was fortunate enough to intern at Prudential twice before graduation. In August 2019, I joined the Actuarial Leadership Development Program (ALDP) at Prudential in the Retirement R&D team supporting international products and recently started my second rotation within the Individual Life Insurance – Assumptions team.


Question: What excites you most about Prudential?

Answer: I think it is an exciting time to work at Prudential. The company is tackling many challenges and addressing the needs of a broader range of customers through its acquisition of Assurance I.Q. These challenges present opportunities to drive innovation in the life insurance industry.


Question: What are you passionate about as it relates to your work?

Answer: Seeing the impact of my work on the business and our customers drives me in my career— along with Prudential's longstanding commitment to Newark. It is actively engaged in shaping the community. For example, Actuarial has partnered with Schools That Can to develop PACE, a program to connect Newark high school students to the actuarial profession.


Question: Any advice you may have for entry-level talent?

Answer: Seek out companies that emphasize learning and talent development. At Prudential, everyone is always willing to help one another, making for a collaborative culture and enjoyable work experience.

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