Full Time: TechnologyAva P.

She Coded Her Way to Become a Visual Designer


Meet Ava. She took her love of computers and turned it into majoring in information technology. That booted up her career as a UX designer.


Question: What's been your career path while at Prudential?

Answer: I joined as a UX Designer under Global Technology. I have worked on Customer Experience projects that support Prudential's internal and external financial professionals and customers. I design and develop life insurance and annuity products, websites and applications for our customers and advisors. I solve problems using design thinking methods.


Question: What excites you most about Prudential?

Answer: My Prudential family and how we come together. There are always problems to solve. And since my department only has two floors, it is easy to become friends with everyone.


Question: What are you passionate about as it relates to your work?

Answer: I am passionate about creating meaningful and practical experiences in Prudential's interfaces. For a company that has been around since before the computer, we're exceedingly technologically advanced.


Question: Any advice you may have for entry-level talent?

Answer: Always raise your hand, jump right into the deep end, ask for forgiveness and don't ask for permission.

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